Babbitt Chainwheels

Babbitt chainwheels with chain guides operate valves in high, normally out-of-reach locations easily and economically. The Babbitt chainwheel attaches to the hand wheel of a valve allowing it to be opened and closed from the floor. Our chainwheels fit valve hand wheels ranging from 2 to 36 inches in diameter.



  • Standard Chainwheel
  • Hammer-Blow
  • Solid Hub Chainwheel
  • Safety Wheel
  • Pocketwheel
  • Chain Bar

Chain for Chainwheels

  • Weldless Chain
  • Welded Chain
  • Babbitt Masterlink
  • Quick Link

Accessories for Chainwheels

  • Lock-Out/Tag-Out System
  • Safety Cable Kits
  • Safety Cap Kits
  • Hammer-Blow Conversion Kits
  • Hammer-Blow Attachment Sets
  • Babbitt Bucket
  • Standard Attachment Sets
  • Stainless Steel Attachment Sets
  • Stainless Steel Tags

Please contact the factory for more information, pricing and availability.