• Dust Emissions Monitors & Broken Bag Detectors

Dust Emissions Monitors & Broken Bag Detectors

Dust emissions monitors, broken bag detectors and differential pressure transmitters allow users to better optimize bag house performance, increase efficiency, lower operating cost and/or comply with EPA regulations.

The Babbitt FS10000 is a basic dust emissions flow switch, specifically designed to detect the flow of dust resulting from a ruptured filter bag in a bag house or dust collector. The PM 1 and PM 1 PRO Series are particulate monitors and broken bag/leak detectors. These units provide a 4/20mA output as well as optional relay contacts for alarms, which allow the user to continually monitor baseline and peak emission levels. The DP20T –Differential Pressure Transmitter- continually monitors the difference in pressure between the clean and dirty side of the bag house. This allows the filter bags to be cleaned only when needed, as opposed to regularly set intervals. As a result, the life of the filter bag can be greatly extended, leading to huge cost savings over time.

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