• Continuous Level Measurement Transmitters

Continuous Level Measurement Transmitters

Level transmitters are used to provide continuous measurement of liquids inside tanks, vessels or other containers.  The media level is detected and converted into a 4/20mA output signal, which can be displayed locally on site or sent to a PLC, DCS or other management system. Level transmitters can be used as standalone instruments or in conjunction with Point Level Switches as part of an Overfill Prevention Management System. 

Babbitt offers a variety of continuous level measurement instruments designed to provide reliable monitoring of liquids, including solvents, acids, oils, wastewater and slurries. Although each technology has proven successful, choosing the correct instrument will depend largely on the application and process conditions. Level transmitters is a broad term frequently used to describe a Liquid Level Transmitter, Ultrasonic level Transmitter, Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter and a Radar Level Transmitter, all of which provide continuous level measurement and tank level measurement.

To determine which instrument is the best suited for your application, visit the the Continuous Measurement Product Selection Guide or contact us for application assistance.

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