Storage Tank for Liquid Materials

Continuous measurement and point level detection in liquid material storage tanks.


Storage tanks are used to store a variety of liquids including crude oil, gasoline and diesel as well as other alkaline solutions. Proper monitoring of level not only prevents overfills, but also helps ensure these tanks never run empty. Maintaining adequate level within in these tanks is important in maintaining production.

Depending upon the process conditions, either a Radar or ultrasonic level transmitter can be used to provide a continuous 4/20mA output signal, proportional to liquid level. This signal can be sent to a digital display, PLC or DCS system. Point Level Switches can be utilized for either primary or secondary high or low level alarm indications.

Suggested Products


Continuous level measurement with ultrasonic.

  • Provides accurate and reliable level measurement in liquids without foam, vapor or gases
  • Easy setup and installation with single push button calibration
  • Ignores peripheral obstructions

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Continuous level measurement with non-contact radar.

  • Simple installation and calibration
  • Not affected by foam, vapors or gases
  • “Low Dielectric” Mode allows for use with low dielectric media

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Point Level Switch for high or low level alarm detection.

  • Simple, reliable, low cost solution
  • High level alarm - Prevent overfill or overflow conditions
  • No moving parts to get stuck, wear out or fall off
  • As secondary instrument, provides redundancy

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These are general product recommendations. For specific recommendations or help choosing the best instrument for your application, contact the factory directly or your local Babbitt representative.

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