Crude Oil Storage

Level Solutions for Crude Oil Storage

Level solutions for crude oil storage is essential in the oil industry. In particular, point-level detection in FPSO crude oil storage tanks.

Storage Tank Overfill Protection

Crude oil is commonly pumped onboard into cargo shipping vessels using cargo pumping systems that use gravity to separate gas, oil, and water. Storage tank overfill protection and level measurement technologies are needed to ensure maximum loading is met, but not exceeded, for safe and efficient crude oil transportation. Babbitt International’s level switches provide reliable and accurate measurement of levels for crude oil applications.

crude oil storage

Level Measurement Technologies

Level measurement technology for crude oil applications is critical onboard chemical tankers. The level must be closely monitored during loading and unloading operations for environmental and safety reasons. Overfilling or spillage into the sea or onboard could be life-threatening for those aboard and result in harsh corporate sanctions for breaking environmental codes. Babbitt International provides a number of products to minimize these risks, including point level switches and sensors, continuous level measurement technology, and more.

Babbitt International's Point Level Switch Technology for Crude Oil Level Measurement

Babbitt’s range of level switch technology are adept at determining when a liquid has reached a predetermined level. Once this level is reached, a contact opens or closes and sends an output to an alarm pump or other control device. This ensures maximum safety for your onboard crew and crude oil storage tank.


  • Efficient: An effective level switch allows for maximum loading capacity of the tanks.

  • Cost-effective: Due to the high reliability and durability of Babbitt’s level switches, cargo vessels can maximize their loading capacity. This allows for greater productivity, maximizing returns and reducing costs in the long run. Level switches are solid state, with no moving parts, so there are no parts to stick or wear out.

  • Easy to Use: Due to Babbitt’s user-friendly designs, all level switches allow for simple planning and level management with easy setup and installation.

Options Available: Select models include

  • Built-in test switch to test functionality– LS7000
  • Time delay to ignore splashing and chatter – LS7000 and LS8000
  • Remote Mount electronics for hazardous, hard-to-reach locations – LS8000

Continuous Level Measurement Technology for Crude Oil Storage

Magnetic Level Indicators provide a visual level indication, allowing the user to visually see the tank level from up to 100’ away, either during storage or filling operations. Continuous Level Transmitters and Magnetic Alarm switches can be added and externally mounted to the indicator, allowing a signal to be sent to a PLC, display or control room. Alarm inputs can be set to prevent overfill conditions. Magnetic Level Indicators are best suited for tanks 20’ or less and be configured to provide an all-in-one solution (visual, continuous and alarm). Ultrasonic Level Transmitters provide simple, reliable continuous level measurement of crude oil storage. The ultrasonic provides a 4/20mA output which can be sent to a PLC, display and/or controller to notify the user of the tank level. It is good engineering practice to install a point-level sensor as a secondary backup, to prevent an overfill, should the primary signal fail.

Industries: Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Chemical

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Suggested Products

LS7000, LS8000 Level Switch

  • Simple, reliable and low cost solution
  • Solid state, no moving parts
  • High level alarm - Prevent overfill or overflow conditions
  • Low level alarm – Prevent run dry operations
  • Secondary back up instrument – provides redundancy

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Magnetic Level Indicator

  • Level measurement (visual and continuous measurement)
  • Safe, simple and reliable way to measure fluid levels inside a tank
  • Alternative to sight glasses and provide non-invasive, low maintenance, cost-effective level solution
  • Safe for flammable, toxic, and corrosive liquids
  • Custom-made indicators to meet your application

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Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

  • Simple continuous level measurement of crude oil storage tanks
  • Provides accurate and reliable level measurement
  • Easy setup and installation with single push button calibration
  • Ignores peripheral obstructions

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These are general product recommendations. For specific recommendations or help choosing the best instrument for your application, contact the factory directly or your local Babbitt representative.

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