Dry Bulk Solid Level Switches

All Babbitt Level Switches work in both liquid and dry materials. Although some dry products can at times prove to be a bit trickier. In liquid materials, we are simply looking for conductivity. With dry products, we have to look at both the conductivity and bulk density. Typically, higher bulk density products will be easier to measure, but conductivity will still be a factor.

We can still measure low bulk density products, but some cases may require a different electronics package or special probe configuration. Over the years, the industry standard for measuring dry bulk solids has been primarily through the use of rotating paddle type units. Although these units are affordable and effective, they do come with their drawbacks. These devices contain moving parts which overtime begin to wear out and require replacement parts. Frequent shutdown for such events can have huge impacts on both production and operating cost.

Babbitt LS series level switches are a direct retro fit for rotating paddle type units found in dry bulk solids. The Babbitt level switches have the exact same control wiring, so it’s out with the old and in with the new. Babbitt level switches contain no moving parts. There are no paddles to fall off, bearings to wear out or motors to burn up. Babbitt level switches have an extremely wide tuning range, allowing them to operate in a variety of materials. These units have the ability to withstand excess product buildup; No need to shut down production to clean the probe.

Simply recalibrate the unit by tuning out the buildup. Please see the link below for a demonstration. We invite you to contact us at the factory with any questions about your upcoming application.


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