FT3000 Particular Monitor & Leak/Flow Detector


  • Low Cost and Simple
  • 2-Wire Loop or Universal Line Power with Relays

The FT 3000 is the industry’s best value in a basic particulate monitor and leak/flow detector. The engineering and quality greatly exceed comparably priced devices. Low cost justifies monitoring even small nuisance dust collectors.


  • DynaCHARGE Technology - Superior reliability over other charge and tribo
  • Digital Readout, Lockable Keypad - Simple text prompts (no trim pots or blind auto set)
  • Convenient Loop Check and Alarm Functions - Speeds up and confirms installation
ft3000 ft3000 ft3000-illustration

FT3000 PRO

  • High Performance and Heavy-Duty Construction
  • 2-Wire Loop or Universal Line Power with Relays

The FT 3000 PRO is the benchmark for reliability and features in a standard particulate monitor and leak/flow detector. A state-of-the-art instrument, it is the first loop power particulate monitor with EPA certifiable self-tests and performance.


  • Device Diagnostics (to NAMUR 107) - Help ensure installation, proper operation
  • Automatic EPA Self-Tests - Adhere to regulations, also for critical process
  • Performance and Design to EPA Standards - Meets ASTM D7392 and EN 15859
  • Communication and Data Logging -HART, USB, and basic internal data logging
ft3000-pro ft3000-pro ft3000-illustration
SpecificationsFT 3000FT 3000 PRO
Power Supply     2-Wire Loop or universal line 2-Wire Loop or universal line
Processor/Display Basic LCD Advanced/Graphic
Discrete Output Up to 2 Up to 2
Analog Output Up to 1 Up to 1
Analog & Discrete Outputs none none
Ambient Temperature -13 F to 140 F (-25 C to 60 C) -40 F to 158 F (-40 C to 70 C )
Process Temperature -13 F to 450 F (-25 C to 232 C) -40 F to 1650 F (-40 C to 898 C)
Process Pressure 10 PSI 1 ,000 PSI
Enclosure Rating * NEMA 4/IP65 NEMA 4/IP65
Hazardous Area Rating Class II Div. II (Zone 22) Class I Div. I (Zone 0/20)

*Explosion Proof Available