LS7000 Full-Featured Level Sensor

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The LS7000 has features that make it the most versatile level control switch on the market today. As our most popular point level switch, this unit can sense virtually any liquid or dry material. It can even be used for liquid interface applications to detect the level of immiscible liquids that have different dielectric constants such as oil and water. The unit features an on-board test switch and built-in time delay to prevent false switching during filling or in turbulent applications. The LS7000 has no moving parts making it an excellent replacement for rotating paddles, floats or other mechanical devices.


The radio frequency (RF) balanced impedance is extremely stable over wide temperature swings and provides the ability to ignore significant product buildup, thus eliminating the need for recalibration. Every standard unit has an on-board fuse and surge suppressor to protect the circuitry from power surges. Additionally, a static suppression circuit protects against hostile bin environments created by static-prone materials such as plastic pellets.

The built-in timer allows the user to select ON DELAY or OFF DELAY operation if desired. The timing range is adjustable from 1/8 second to 2 hours. The timer can be used to ignore wave action in a turbulent vessel, or the timer can be used to pump down a sump with a single probe.

Customer Testimonial

“Here at EnviroCare International, we design and build wet scrubbers for industrial and municipal customers along with scum concentrators for the sewage treatment industry. Level detection in concentrated sewage scum is especially challenging due to the sticky, viscous nature of the media and the variable amount and type of solids. A high level switch needs to be tuned to ignore splatter and buildup. A low-level switch needs to be able to detect a slight void developing before the scum pump creates a bridge over the hopper and runs dry. Buildup on the low level switch is inevitable so it needs to change state when the probe becomes even the least bit un-submerged. EnviroCare has found that not only does the Babbitt LS7000 have the tuning span to handle either situation but the tuning potentiometer (along with the rest of the device) is rugged and ready for in-the-field tuning. Having worked with other less rugged level devices in the past, EnviroCare has been pleased with the performance of the LS7000 level switch and it has become our go-to device for point level detection across our entire portfolio of engineered products.”

-Project Engineer
EnviroCare International

When the probe is installed, it is calibrated in absence of material touching the probe. When the desired material comes in contact with the probe, the LS7000 is activated and gives the desired output.

The standard probe is made of a solid 316 stainless steel rod, 1" NPT process connection and Teflon insulator. Other material insulators are optional. The standard seals are made with Viton "O" rings. All the electronics are housed in a cast aluminum explosion-proof enclosure.

The solid stainless steel rod is available in a variety of lengths and is suited for liquids or bulk solids. These probes can be coated with Halar in lengths up to 72 inches.

All the necessary calibration indicators are on-board so all you need to calibrate the LS7000 is a small screwdriver. Fail-safe electronics provide peace of mind. The modular electronics make trouble shooting and repair a snap. The entire unit is backed by our two year warranty and 60 day money back guarantee. Flanged process connections and special materials of construction are available. Please consult factory.

Babbitt also offers Audible & Visual Alarm Boxes that can be used to accompany any of our single point, dual point or multi-point level switches. Alarm boxes provide simple and reliable warning of high or low-level alarm conditions in tanks, vessels, silos, hoppers, sumps, chutes and interface applications. To learn more, click the link here.


LS7000 Level Switch


  • Ignores significant product build up
  • Solid state, no moving parts
  • Simple installation and calibration
  • Explosion proof housing standard
  • Built-in static protection
  • User Programmable time delay
  • On board fuse and test switch



  • Waste/Wastewater
  • Acids/Caustics
  • Fuels/Oils
  • Slurries

Dry Solids:

  • Flour/Grains
  • Powders
  • Plastics
  • Sand/Cement
  • Wood Chips
  • Fly Ash


  • Oil/Water
  • Foam/Liquid



Power: 115VAC (+/- 15%) 50/60Hz, 2 watts STANDARD (12 VDC, 24VDC or 230VAC Optional)

Output: 2 Form C Contact DPDT relay, 5 amp resistive at 125, 230VAC; 30VDC

On Board Fuse: 250mA

Failsafe: Selectable High or Low level

Time Delay: Selectable ON/OFF Delay; Adjustable 1/8 second to 2 Hours

RF Frequency: Approx. 1.3 MHz


Temperature: Teflon insulator   -30F to 450F

Pressure: 1500 psi @ 75F – 1” NPT STANDARD
                 300 psi @ 75F – ¾” NPT (Optional)

Enclosure: Cast Aluminum, Explosion Proof -  Class I, Groups C & D; Class II, Groups E, F & G


Need assistance in selecting the right part number? Please fill out and submit an LS7000 data worksheet.