LT-1/LTM Transmitters

Side mounted 2 Wire Loop power transmitters provide a 4/20mA output signal that can be sent to a digital display, PLC or DCS. These transmitters are available in several different models to fit your needs. The LT-1 is a lower cost, analog transmitter with no digital display and provides step up level in ½” inch increments. The LTM 250/350 series transmitters offer highly accurate and precise liquid level measurement with options for various communication protocols.



The LT-1 Level Transmitter is designed to be used with the LG Series Magnetic Level Indicators to provide a 4/20mA signal proportional to level.  The LT-1 is a low-cost alternative where precise measurement and communication is not required. The unit mounts externally on the chamber and consists of a sensor tube made up of a string of resistors and magnetically operated reed switches. The LT-1 is an analog transmitter with no digital display and provides step up level in ½ inch increments (¼ inch resolution is available for units under 30” in measuring length.) This transmitter is the preferred choice for applications with significant vibration.

LTM Transmitters

Babbitt LTM 250/350 series magnetostrictive level transmitters offer highly accurate and precise liquid level measurement. The LTM mounts externally to the magnetic level indicator for non-invasive level measurement. This allows the unit to be installed and serviced without having to remove the indicator from service. The LTM senses the fluid level by detecting the magnets inside the float and transmits the measurement back to the control system.

LTM transmitters are available with two-wire loop powered 4-20 mA signal output or bus powered (Fieldbus) with digital output(s). Remote-mount electronics are available for easy access or high temperature applications. Sensor probes are available in a variety of materials including stainless steel and exotic alloys or electropolished for sanitary service. LTM transmitters feature explosion-proof, dual-compartment enclosures and integral displays. “Plug-and-play” electronics allow for easy upgrades. LTM transmitters offer the latest and most advanced software features on the market, introducing a registered HART DD, Rev. 5 with AMS Aware and Rev. 7 with EDD, compliant to IEC 61804-2, and compliant to Foundation Fieldbus software version ITK-4.6


LT-1 Specifications

Sensor Probe

Max. Length:  20 ft (6 m)
Resolution:  1/2 inch (1/4 inch under 30" measuring length)  
Material:  316 stainless steel standard
Max. Temp:  750°F (399°C) process temperature


Power:  24 V dc (loop powered) nominal 
Output:  4-20 mA 
Max. Load:  750 ohm 
Housing:  Explosion-proof, Class 1, Div. 1, Groups B, C, D
Max. Temp:  150°F (85°C) in housing

LTM Transmitters Specifications

Housing: Epoxy coated aluminum or stainless steel
Protection rating: NEMA 4X, NEMA 7, IP66

Sensor Probe

Material: 316SS, 5/8inch (15.88m) standard probe; other materials available. All wetted parts are non-ferrous
Compatible materials (stainless steel, Monel, Hastelloy, etc.)
Max. Length: 30 ft (9m)
Mounting Style: Gauge mount via 316SS brackets
Operating Temp.: -200°F to 750°F (-129°C to 399°C)

*All transmitters have the following RFI limits: SAMA PMC 31.1, 20 to 1000 MHz, up to 30V/m

For high temperature applications, the transmitter should be remote mounted.


For more information, please download, fill out and submit the Magnetic Level Indicator Data Worksheet PDF.