Magnetic Level Gauge

Babbitt Magnetic Level Gauges are a safe, simple and reliable way to measure fluid level inside a tank. It is especially safe for flammable, toxic, corrosive liquids because the fluid never contacts the indicating glass. Should the glass ever break, there is no possibility of leakage.

Understanding the gauges operation is simple. The fluid in the tank seeks its own level in the float chamber. The float in the chamber tracks the fluid level. Inside the float assembly are magnets, located 360 degrees around the floats inside circumference. These magnets move the visual indicator and actuate any switches or transmitters mounted on the gauge. By using an LTM250/LTM350 transmitter, a 4/20mA signal can be sent to a remote location for indication or control function. For more information on transmitters, please see the LTM transmitter page. Additionally, alarm switches can be added, external to the float chamber, for alarm or control. These switches can easily be moved up or down the float chamber without shutting down or disturbing the process.

Each Babbitt level gauge is custom made for your unique application. Gauges are typically made of 316SS, but can be made from other materials such as Kynar, CPVC, Hastelloy or whatever is compatible with your application. The float chamber is typically a 2 1/2inch stainless steel pipe with process connections that match those of the vessel. Gauges can be fabricated to meet any mounting configuration.

The float construction is determined by the process fluid, pressure, temperature and specific gravity of the fluid. Most processes use a stainless steel float, but other materials of construction are available, including exotic metals and plastics. Inside the sealed float is a 360 degree ring of magnets.

The standard indicator tube is made of glass, filled with an inert gas to eliminate condensation and hermetically sealed. An optional polycarbonate tube is available with a maximum temperature limit of 250F. Inside the indicator tube is a lightweight magnetized indicator that is magnetically coupled to the float. This brightly colored indicator travels up and down tracking the fluid level allowing operators to read the tank level from a distance of more than 100 feet.

Product Features:

  • Custom made to order
  • 12” to 40 feet
  • Easy to read
  • Safe non-leak replacement for sight glasses
  • ASME code welded
  • Optional Hi/Lo level switches
  • Optional 4/20mA transmitters


  • Boiler Water
  • Acids/Caustics
  • Propane/Fuels
  • Chemicals
  • Offshore
  • Petroleum products


  • Oil/Water
  • Crude/Brine
  • Foam/Liquid
  • Liquid/Gas
  • Offshore
  • Liquid/Vapor

General Specifications:


Material: All wetted parts and external metal parts are stainless steel. Indicator tube is glass or Polycarbonate. Other materials are available.

Chamber: 2 ½ inch pipe with RF slip-on/blind drain flange (standard) Pressure ratings up to 4000 PSI available Temperature ratings -2 to 1100 F continuous available Minimum specific gravity 0.25

Scale: Feet and inches standard with ½ inch scale divisions; resolution approximately ¼ inch (Custom scales available)

Indicator: Flipper Scale

Testing: All LG-series gauges are hydrostatic tested to the pressure rating specified

Welding: Boiler/piping codes ASME B31.1/B31.3


Ordering Information 

MODELLG6=316SS LG4=304SS LGPVC=PVCMounting Style
A, B, C or E
(see Table 1)
Process Conn. Sizes

Flange RatingSpecific Gravity of Measured FluidMax. Operating Temperature (F)Max. Operating Pressure (PSI)Measurement Length "L" (in.)
(see Table 3)


  LG6 C 3/4" 300# 0.92 100F 250 36" X
Table 1  Mounting Style
Style A = Top and Bottom Flange Mounting Configuration
Style B = Side/Side Threaded Coupling
Style C = Side/Side Flange Mounting Configuration
Style A/C = Top/Bottom Flange and Side/Side Flange Mounting Configuration
Style E = Top Mounted Gauge with Stilling Well 
Options* (for options not listed consult factory)

CS = Carbon steel flanges
ST = Steam trace
HT = Heat trace
IB = Insulation blanket
FS = Flipper scale
RJ = Ring joint flange
WN = Weld neck flange
3A = 3A approval for sanitary service
FX = Fixed flanges (RFSO)
PI = Polycarbonate indicator
BV = Blocking valve (specify type)
VV = Vent Valve (specify type)
DV = Drain valve (specify type)
X = Special options (spell out description)

Special materials of construction are available


LG Series Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge

magnetic level gauge