Magnetic Level Alarm Switches

Babbitt MLS level switches provide low-cost, reliable alarm and control functions to meet your requirements.  MLS switches are non-invasive alarm switches which clamp to the side of the chamber and are magnetically actuated by the float through the chamber wall.  Multiple control points can be added to the Level Indicator without having to cut additional holes in the vessel.  External mounting clamps allow for easy adjustment of set points or servicing of MLS switches without interrupting the process.  All Babbitt MLS Series switches can be wired for either rising or falling level and NC or NO operation.  Each switch has approximately a 1/2 inch dead band to eliminate the possibility of chatter.


MLS-3 Series

The MLS-3EX is a hermetically sealed reed switch with Form C contacts.  A bias magnet latches the switch,  maintaining the output contact as the float continues to rise or fall within the gauge.  The switch will only unlatch when the float passes the switch again in the opposite direction.  This low-cost switch is best suited for low power alarm signals.


The MLS-10EX is a high current level switch and is an excellent choice for controlling pumps, alarms or solenoids.  The switching mechanism is a cam activated internal UL approved switch.  The unit can be set by the user for rising or falling activation.  The MLS-10EX-C is a DPDT switch.  These switches meet Class 1, Div. 1 requirements and the internal micro-switches are UL approved.  The MLS-10EX-R (relay requires auxiliary power) is available for higher inductive load.


MLS-3 Series Specifications

Deadband:  .50 inches (12.7mm)
Max. Temp:  350°F (177°C) Standard
                     650°F (343°C) MLS-3EX-HT
Min. Temp:  -40°F (-40°C)
Contacts:  SPDT or DPDT, Form C
Current:  1Amp ac/dc resistive

Switch Options

MLS-3   Switch only (no housing)
MLS-3EX-M   Standard EXP Housing
MLS-3X-M-A   ATEX EXP Housing
MLS-3EX-2  DPDT Contracts
MLS-3EX-HT  High temp. option up to 650°F (343°C)
Approvals   UL/CUL & CSA Class I Grp. B, C, D; Class II Grp. E, F, G; Class III, ATEX Ex II 2G EExd IIC T6

MLS-10EX Specifications

Deadband:  .50 inches 
Max. Temp:  200°F (93°C) Standard
                     450°F (343°C) High-temperature version 
Min. Temp:  -40°F (-40°C)
Contacts:  DPDT Form C
Current:  10 Amps maximum at 250Vac
                 5 Amps maximum at 125Vdc
Power:  2KVA/300W
Approvals:  UL/CUL & CSA Class I, Grp. B, C, D; 
                   Class II Grp. E, F, G; Class III 


For more information, please download, fill out and submit the Magnetic Level Indicator Data Worksheet PDF.