Dual Point Level Detection in a Sump

Wastewater sumps are commonly used throughout a variety of industries to collect left over contaminants including rainwater, oil, sand, dirt as well as oil and gas wastewaters. Once collected and contained, these contaminants can then be disposed of at a later time. Proper monitoring and measurement of the level inside these sumps is critical in order to prevent overfill or pump run-dry conditions.


The pictures here show an LS7000/2 dual point level switch during installation and calibration. In this particular set up, the low set point was calibrated at the tip of the probe and the sump was in the process of being filled so that the high level set point could be calibrated. The unit was set to AUTO EMPTY - once the level reaches the high set point, the pump comes on and pumps down until the level clears the low set point, at which time the pump turns off.

Sump 1

The LS7000/2 Dual Point Level Switch is specifically designed for auto fill or auto empty operations in tanks, vessels or sumps. Both the high and low set points are adjustable over the entire length of the probe. The LS7000/2 contains no moving parts, helping to increase reliability and longevity. These units are an excellent replacement for floats or other mechanical level devices.

The LS7000/2 is designed for use in homogenous liquids.

Watch the LS7000/2 video demonstration below!

Sump 2

For up to 4 set points on one probe, visit the LS8000/2 Multi-Point Level Switch product page. This unit can measure virtually any conductive or non-conductive liquid and can be configured for single, dual point or four-point calibration. The maintenance free transmitter is mounted in the explosion proof housing and the remote electronics can be mounted up to a mile away. The LS8000/2 has no moving parts, making it an excellent replacement for floats or other mechanical devices that jam, stick or wear out.

LS7000/2 Dual Point Level Switch Video Demo

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