Mini Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Mini Ultrasonic Level Transmitters are the ideal solution for short-range liquid level measurement in small tanks such as barrels, drums and totes that do not contain foam, vapors, fumes or gases. The small compact enclosure reduces the need for large overhead space. Automatic adjustment of power and sensitivity helps to reduce false echoes while the self-cleaning face works to eliminate condensation. Optional sanitary connections and Teflon transducers make these units a perfect choice for food & beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical processing applications.


Ultrasonic Level Transmitters operate on the Time-of-Flight principle. The sensor generates a pulse that sends a sound wave from the transducer face down to the fluid level. The media reflects the signal and the transit time is converted into a 4/20mA output signal. 

The proprietary circuitry uses smart signal processing to lock onto echoes farthest from the transducer face. This allows the unit to ignore peripheral obstructions when mounting close to vessel walls, piping or ladders. Sensors are designed to adapt to the internal tank conditions, automatically adjusting power and receiver sensitivity to any distance and reflecting surface. This technology ensures the same echo is maintained over the entire operating range, enhancing measurement accuracy.




Sanitary Mini Ultrasonic

The sanitary mini ultrasonic is the ideal solution for non-contact continuous level measurement in short-range sanitary/hygienic liquid-level applications. These units have a 316L stainless steel transducer face, are available in either 1 ½” or 2” tri-clamp mounting and can withstand clean-in-place (CIP) processes. Mini sanitary ultrasonic level sensors provide self-cleaning, maintenance-free operation and plug-and-play installation with simple calibration.



High-Temperature Mini Ultrasonic

The high-temperature mini ultrasonic is the ideal non-contact, continuous liquid-level measurement solution in applications with high-temperature processes. These units have a corrosion-resistant Teflon transducer and are rated up to 266°F (130°C). High-temperature ultrasonic level sensors provide self-cleaning, maintenance-free operation and plug-and-play installation with simple calibration.




ultrasonicShort Blanking Mini Ultrasonic

The short blanking mini ultrasonic is the ideal solution for short-range applications requiring minimal blanking distance. These units offer a short 2” blanking distance with a range up to 6 feet. Short blanking ultrasonic level sensors provide self-cleaning, maintenance-free operation and plug-and-play installation with simple calibration. Available on 148UM models, add SB to Part Number.




 For ordering information, refer to ordering information below.  Not sure what model is right for your application, fill out the data application PDF. Proper mounting and installation are critical to operation, refer to Owner’s Manual for instructions


  • Small compact enclosure reduces the need for big overhead
  • Enclosures suitable for IP68 environmental conditions
  • NPT Mounting – ½ inch to 2 inch NPT (for ½” and ¾” use adapter)
  • 1 ½” and 2” Sanitary Tri-Clamp
  • Self-cleaning face reduces condensation
  • Extremely short blanking
  • Optional relay for pump control applications


  • Water & Wastewater
  • Food & Beverage
  • Chemical
  • Viscous Fluids/Slurries
  • Pharmaceutical


  • Inventory level in storage tanks
  • Process tank level and control
  • Level measurement in small tanks, containers, totes or drums
  • Sanitary applications with CIP



Power: 12-30VDC (3 Wire) operation
Output: 4/20mA out standard
Communication: RS485 optional
Calibration: Push Button


Process Entry: 1", 1 ½", 2" NPT or Tri-Clamp Mounting
Conduit Entry: ½"NPT – plastic conduit
Transducer: PVC Standard Model & Short Blanking; 316L Sanitary; Teflon High Temp
Enclosure: PVC
Protection Rating : IP68 (NEMA 6)


Temperature: Standard PVC (-40 F to 140 F); Optional High Temp with Teflon Transducer (-40 F to 266 F)
Pressure: Standard Models (15 PSI Max.); Optional HTP Sanitary or special High Pressure sensor (72 PSI)


Dead Zone/Range: Depends on model, see chart
Accuracy: +/- 0.25% of span
Lost echo hold time: 30 seconds/output 22mA or 2mA – User programmable
Beam Angle: 12 degrees

Specifications subject to change without notice


Please fill out and submit an Ultrasonic data worksheet for quotation.



Software Downloads

3 & 4 Wire Communication Software (rev 7.3) → Download Here