Liquid Storage

Lube Oil Storage

Depending upon the site, gas powered compressors are either driven by conventional piston engines or by gas turbine units. In either case, lube oil is often stored on site in lube oil storage tanks. The tanks at this compressor station where originally fitted with sight glasses, which overtime began to haze and crack, making it difficult to read the level. The tanks were fitted with Magnetic Level Indicators, providing a safe, simple and reliable way to measure oil inside the tank. The bright colored visual scale allowed personnel to read the level from up to 100’ away. A 2 Wire LTM transmitter (not visible) was mounted on the side, sending a 4/20mA signal to the PLC, allowing the level to be read from the control room.

Lube Oil

Latex Storage Tank

Latex Tank

A newly constructed latex tank fitted with a Babbitt non-contact Radar Level Transmitter (pictured right) for continuous level measurement and a Babbitt LS7000 Point Level Switch (pictured left) for high level alarm. In the event the primary instrument should fail or malfunction during filling, the point level switch is in place to provide redundancy and prevent a tank overfill condition. Secondary instrumentation is always good engineering practice!


Acid Storage Tanks

Highly corrosive acids such as Sulfuric, Hydrochloric and Hydrofluoric acid are commonly stored in tanks throughout a variety of industries. Measuring the level in these tanks is critical for inventory management as well as for preventing overfill and overflow conditions. No one application is the same - choosing the best technology will depend on the application and desired outcome. In addition, the chemical type and concentration must be carefully matched to the appropriate material such as CPVC, Teflon, Hastelloy C-276, Alloy 20 or Titanium.

Acid Tank 1

The Magnetic Level Indicator pictured was constructed of CPVC and fitted with a side mounted LT-1 Transmitter and MLS-3 Alarm Switch. The Magnetic Level Indicator provides a non-invasive, low maintenance, cost effective level solution. The corrosive fluid never contacts the glass making them safe for use with corrosive, toxic, flammable materials – should the glass break, there is no spillage, leakage or costly cleanup. The transmitter sends a 4/20mA signal back to a PLC for continuous level measurement. The MLS-3 Alarm switch is also non-invasive and completely field adjustable. Actuated by the magnetic float, this switch will send a high or level alarm signal as needed. The Magnetic Level Indicators are an excellent replacement for traditional sight glasses that are difficult to read due to hazing or cracking.

Acid Tank 2
Acid Tank 3

The LS7000 Level Switch pictured has a HALAR coated probe, Teflon Insulator and Hastelloy C NPT connection. This unit is headed to be used as a high level alarm in a HDPE tank containing Hydrochloric Acid. The LS7000 can be used as a primary instrument or as a secondary instrument to provide redundancy should the primary instrument fail. In either case, when the level rises and contacts the probe, an output signal is sent, which in most cases sounds a horn and/or shuts off the filling – preventing an overflow or overfill condition. These units have no moving parts to jam, stick or wear out and are safe, simple and reliable which means they will work when you need them.

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